Friday, November 27, 2009

NEW "Love City" Video & Finalized Website!

After months of hard work, my brand new website is fully functional and I have released a brand new video entitled:

"Love City"

It's a quick glimpse into my life! I hope you enjoy it!

Make sure to explore the rest of the site for video interviews with 3 other lockers from across Canada, photos and great links for your locking and funk needs!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scramblelock's European Tour: Sept-Nov 2009

I have just recently completed a 2 month tour around Europe and the UK. After visiting many cities in Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, I learned a great deal about myself (as a dancer and as an individual). After seeing how Hip Hop and Funk culture has affected people across Europe I return home with a better understanding of what it means to be a "street dancer". I thank everyone who was able to help me throughout my trip by providing either: a place to stay, setting up workshops or just taking time to hang out and show me around each city. I've met a lot of great friends and I'm sure I will see many of you again in the future!
I've uploaded pics of some of the various workshops I was fortunate enough to have taught while abroad. (You can check the photos of all my European antics on Facebook)

Streets Ahead Workshop 1 - Sept 2009 - Dublin, Ireland

Streets Ahead Workshop 2 - Sept 2009 - Dublin, Ireland
Streets Ahead Workshop 3 - Sept 2009 - Dublin, Ireland

Fox'n'Crew Workshop - Sept 2009 - Letterkenny, Ireland

Funkymentals Workshop - Sept 2009 - Liverpool, UK

Funktrap Workshop 1 - Sept 2009 - London, UK

Funktrap Workshop 2 - Sept 2009 - London, UK

Foolz 4 Funk Workshop - Oct 2009 - Rome, Italy

Flying Steps Workshop - Oct 2009 - Berlin, Germany

Hip Hop Huis Workshop - Nov 2009 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Now that the trip is over, I must keep looking forward and ask "What's next?"